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Improve your circulation under eyes with Carboxytherapy

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Chanah Chalska

Growing popularity of aesthetic medicine makes the number of available treatments increase. Solutions that improve natural beauty and reduce the signs of aging, which our grandmothers could only dream of, are now at your fingertips. One of them is carboxytherapy.

Why do shadows under the eyes appear?

Dark circles under the eyes can appear not only after a sleepless night or a party. The skin under the eyes is very thin and deprived of the natural hydrolipid barrier, therefore it has low resistance to external stimuli and quickly loses moisture. A small number of capillaries and microcirculation disorders that regularly occur in the skin under the eyes have a direct effect on the formation of shadows under the eyes. Many women try to cover their shadows with makeup. Aesthetic medicine proposes effective ways to eliminate the cause of this change.

How does carboxytherapy work?

Carboxytherapy is a treatment that is performed by a doctor of aesthetic medicine. It involves injecting of pure carbon dioxide under the skin using a very thin needle. No anesthesia is needed to perform the treatment. The patient may have the impression of a slight spreading of the skin,  disappearing after a few hours. It is important to perform carboxytherapy in a proven clinic. We recommend Botaniqua, where clients are looked after by an experienced team of specialists. What makes carbon dioxide so good for the skin under the eyes?

Why is CO2 so effective?

Carbon dioxide is a gas that regulates blood flow and optimizes its amount in organs. Aesthetic medicine uses its small amounts to improve microcirculation in the skin, which increases access of both oxygen and nutrients to specific areas. CO2 penetrates individual tissues and causes the blood vessels to expand. In addition, the body also increases collagen production, which is why the effects of carboxytherapy are that spectacular!

What are the effects of carboxytherapy?

The skin into which the gas was injected becomes more firm and elastic. It looks younger and healthier. After a series of treatment, dark circles under the eyes and other unsightly changes disappear – the skin begins the renewal process. Our patients notice a reduction in swelling and brightening of delicate and thin skin under the eyes.

Aesthetic medicine is developing rapidly and offers the patients more and more effective ways to improve their well-being. Carboxytherapy is a treatment for people who want to remove dark circles under the eyes and enjoy well-groomed and supple skin around the eyes.

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