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Loose skin treatment London


Here are treatments that we have for Loose skin

Face / Body / Chin / Eyes
From £450

Body sculpting and contouring with Alma Accent Prime Ultrasound and Accentuate RF the most powerful RF on the market brings amazing effects and long-lasting results.

Body / Belly / Face / Neck
From £157

Lymphatic drainage benefits via Icoone : body shaping and skin recovery.

Face / Body
From £130

Medical peeling can be defined as a safe alternative to the most invasive surgical procedures.

Our Medical BioREPeel is safe, effective and long-lasting results !

Face / Body / Neck
From £120

Botaniqua for Mesotherapy use Vital Injector 2 Vacuum Gun.

Body / Face
From £150

Lifting without a scalpel.

Face / Body / Hands / Lips / Neck
From £300

It naturally integrates into the skin to noticeably improve skin smoothness.

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