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PRP Face / Neck PRF Face / Neck PRP SCALP- hair regrowth

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The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, commonly known as a vampire facelift, is a safe, non-invasive and fully natural skin revitalising treatment.   PRP also is great treatment for our scalp and hair. PPR  cause   the hair to be thicker , stronger and stop falling out. On the other hand the scalp is regenerated , dundrafff and irritation on the skin are eliminated.

PRP Aesthetic Medicine Face Injection Treatment

PRP Face / Neck PRF Face / Neck PRP SCALP- hair regrowth basic treatment informations




20 - 60 min

Treatments in series*




Effect duration*


Prices start from

*May vary depending on skin condition and other elements

About PRP Face / Neck PRF Face / Neck PRP SCALP- hair regrowth

The nature of the therapy is that it uses only the patient’s own blood, which is subjected to a special centrifugation mechanism that separates the plasma from the red blood cells, and then the resulting plasma is injected into the problem area. Platelet-rich plasma is a composition of growth factors that supports the reconstruction of tissues, regulates their physiology and activates blood circulation. In addition, the separated plasma contains a wealth of mineral salts and vitamins A, D, E and K having a natural protective function. What’s more, through biostimulator, fibroblast is multiplied and moved, which is responsible for the process of creating new collagen – an essential factor of flexibility and firmness. Due to the main component of the process, which is own plasma, cases of intolerance or allergic reactions are excluded.


PRP regenerative therapy is a modern, rejuvenating anti-aging procedure that stimulates the patient’s own potential for tissue reconstruction. The treatment is aimed at tightening, smoothing the skin and improving its texture and colour.


Advantages of mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma:


Injecting PRP with a thin needle through the skin allows the release of growth factors from platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which in turn causes cell multiplication, the formation of blood vessels and, most importantly, the formation of new collagen structures – all these processes are key in anti-aging therapy.

A small sample of the patient’s blood (from 40 ml) is processed using highly specialized medical equipment to extract the platelet-rich plasma – PRP. For injection for the patient, we take the richest part of the centrifuged preparation (plate-leukocyte layer, middle layer). In addition, the equipment at our disposal allows, thanks to optical sensors, to select mainly platelets (in over 80%) from this layer, and to reject leukocytes.


The unique PRP prepared in this way, containing growth factors, is punctually injected under the skin of the face, neck, cleavage, hands and other areas that require revitalization.

PRP Face / Neck PRF Face / Neck PRP SCALP- hair regrowth effects

The effects of the treatment progress gradually along with the rebuilding of collagen fibers. Leather after

1-2 weeks is more tense and smooth. Discoloration fades away. The treatment is performed once and may be repeated, no more than once every 3 months, depending on the speed of the natural aging processes of the skin.

PRP Treatment. Drawing Blood for Platelet Rich Plasma Injection, Aesthetic Medicine Treatment for Reduction of Face Wrinkles.

PRP Face / Neck PRF Face / Neck PRP SCALP- hair regrowth pricing

Scalp£500 / Doctor
£450 / Aesthetic practitioner
PRP Face

PRF Face
£550/ Doctor
£450 / Aesthetic practitioner

£550/ doctor
PRP Face and neck£600/ Doctor
£500/ Aesthetic practitioner
PRP Face, Neck and Décolletage

£675 / Doctoro
£550/ Aesthetic practitioner
PRP Face 10Ml special tube HA plus vitamins £775/ Doctor
£650 / Aesthetic practitioner
PRP Face & Neck 2x10 ml , special tube HA plus vitamins £850 /Doctor
£700 / aesthetic practitioner
PRP Face , Neck & Décolletage 3x10 ml, special tube HA plus vitamins £875 / Doctor
£750 / Aesthetic practitioner


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