One of the most effective treatments in the world for targeted body sculpting and skin rejuvenation.

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Botaniqua Skin Care Clinic has gained worldwide fame thanks to extremely effective therapy, which brings remarkable results and is a safe method of treatment for the patient. This innovative therapy is carboxytherapy.
Carboxy is an extremely effective and safe method of treatment, among others lipoedema, acne or excessive fatty deposits.

Carboxytherapy is one of the few treatments that works in three phases. Depending on the technique of carbon dioxide administration, we can destroy stubborn fat cells that we would not be able to remove through diet or exercise under normal conditions. When applying CO2 under the skin, we increase blood circulation in the treatment area, while removing excess toxins from our body to the lymphatic system.

Through Carboxytherapy treatments we can improve the texture and elasticity of our skin, we can oxygenate our skin, which makes it brighter and more luminous. Carboxytherapy is a natural and safe therapeutic method for our body, which perfectly adapts to our physiology and stimulates chemical processes in our body.

Remove dark circles around the eyes

Administering the right amount of carbon dioxide around the eyes increases blood circulation in the application area and also immediately removes toxins from this area. Carbon dioxide therapy has amazing effects in eliminating shadows under and around the eyes, and also removes swelling.
The administration of carbon dioxide in a given area also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin at the application site.

Carboxytherapy for our collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are naturally occurring proteins in our body. Both proteins produce fibroblasts, and vitamin C plays a huge role in their formation. Collagen and elastin fibers are found in our skin, they are the building blocks of the walls of our arteries, tendons and articular cartilage. With age, we lose the ability to produce these proteins, and our skin becomes flabby, loses elasticity, flexibility and radiance. Thanks to collagen, skin cells can regenerate and regenerate, and to slow down the degradation process in our body, we should use Carboxytherapy with Icoone.

Body Sculpting

Carboxytherapy is used, as we mentioned earlier, to destroy and remove fat cells from areas of the body from which they are very difficult to remove, and even their removal is impossible using a normal exercise diet. The knee area, abdomen, hands are areas very difficult to fight cellulite and fat deposits. By using Carboxytherapy to fight cellulite or fat deposits, we permanently destroy fat cells and in this way we can shape our figure, improve skin texture or prevent the effects of aging.

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Carboxytherapy results

Before and after

Eye before and after
Legs before and after
Cheek before and after 3
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Carboxytherapy can help you with

Dark under-eye circles
Bags under eyes
Stretch marks
Acne scars
Cellulite (Orange Peel Syndrome)
Localised fat
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The method uses very small injections of Co2 into localised areas on the skin or body, which encourages the heart to promote oxygen to the blood cells and stimulate circulation. In this process, worn-out cells are replaced with new cells as the body produces new collagen and increases the thickness of the skin. The entirely natural process of skin rejuvenation in the body takes place at an enhanced rate.

Treatments normally take around fifteen to thirty minutes.

How We work?

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    We create a plan of your treatment

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    Time to start working on your skin!

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Carboxytherapy cost

Single session Special price* Regular price
Full face £155 £195
Under eyes £97 £120

*The frequency of treatment is dependent on the patient’s skin condition. We recommend a free consultation to discuss it in more detail. Those prices are available if you will buy a pack of 10 or more treatments.

what you should know

One of our specialists will inject the area that requires treatment with a specialised needle which is attached by a tube in to a machine that delivers a controlled dose of CO2 gas.

The machine contains a filter that removes any trace of impurities from the gas before it enters a sterile tube and is injected.

The depth of the injection and the flow rate of CO2 gas depends entirely on the area and condition we will be treating.

Treatments will normally take between 15 - 30 minutes.

Depending on the area of the body being treated you may feel slight discomfort, pressure or a miner stinging sensation as the gas enters the skin. If you feel like the sensation is a bit much we can apply a topical anesthetic to your skin to numb the area. Please speak to your consultant about your concerns we are here to help in anyway we can.

There are no known risks associated with Carboxytherpy. This treatment has been a safe procedure for many years.

When it comes to side effects, you may feel a warm sensation in the treated area, this is a result in improved circulation to the area and should last up to 24 hours.

Carboxytherapy requires the use of a very small needle, like with any injection there is a slight risk of bruising and tenderness at the site of the injection. This is common for any injection and may last for a few days.

For the most part no, you should be able to return to work and resume your normal activities after your treatment. However, we do ask that you avoid bathing or swimming for the first few hours after Carboxytherapy treatment.

What our clients say?

    5 star review  Chanah has a great personal approach to every client! I've been doing icoon with her for just over a month and already went down one size! And my skin looks so much better now. Highly recommend

    thumb Maria Vereschak

    5 star review  Painless, quick, easy laser hair removal with very friendly and reassuring staff! Would highly recommend Botaniqua's laser treatments.

    thumb anna beketov

    5 star review  Chanah is an absolute magician. She not only helped me to reduce my old stretch marks but also totally improved the overall condition of my skin getting rid of my cellulite and belly fat. The first results have been visible almost immediately and after the series of 5 treatments they are significant. Chanah is not only very professional but she also really cares about her patients. I absolutely recommend Botaniqua!!

    thumb Lena B

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