Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Quanta is a pedegree manufacturer working with the likes of The European Space Agency and CERN. Botaniqua has chosen to use Thunder MT laser produced by Quanta for its effectiveness and seamless treatment for laser hair removal.

Thunder MT forms a new gold standard in hair removal with astonishing results that are not achievable with the use of any other salon-quality or at-home laser technology.

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Laser – why is it better than your current hair removal?

No pain - best cooling system

Purpose designed power cooling unit and lower heat, dual beam technology delivers no pain during treatment.

Fast treatments

Auto-scan of large areas and removal of hair follicles at its base results in short treatment time, 15-minute legs treatment or the whole body under an hour.

All skin types

The synergy of two laser beams delivers lower heat reducing melanin absorption supporting all skin types.

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This is the only hair removal laser on the market with a dual beam technology, delivering increased laser beam strength in a shorter time whilst reducing the sensation of heat. Botaniqua also makes use of an additional power-cooling unit designed just for the Thunder MT. Through combining these technologies we are proud to offer the latest, most effective and, most importantly, painless hair removal treatment. The synergy of two laser beams works at a lower heat, reducing melanin absorption. This means we are able to provide laser hair removal treatment for all skin types.

How We work?

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    We meet and talk

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    We create a plan of your treatment

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    Time to start working on your skin!

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pricing for women

cost of laser skin removal

Bikini £100 £225
Underarms £85 £191,25
Brazilian bikini £120 £270
Brazilian including pen-anal/full £145 £326,25
Underarms & brazilian intimate £185 £417
Underarms & brazilian bikini £205 £462
Underarms & brazilian/ full £230 £517,5
Pubis line / Navel £60 £135
Nipples £60 £135
Breast £100 £225
Full arms £200 £450
Lower arms £130 £292,50
Full chest £230 £517
Chest & abdomen £230 £518
Abdomen £100 £225
Shoulders £120 £270
Upper back & shoulders £230 £517
Full back £220 £495
Full back & shoulders £320 £495
Full back, shoulders & upper arms £470 £647
Buttocks £150 £337,50
Half buttocks £80 £180
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one single session

Laser hair removal - pricing for larger area

Full legs £280
Upper legs £200
Lower legs £175
Lower legs & underarms £200
Full legs & bikini £380
Full legs and Brazilian £400
Full legs, Brazilian & pen-anal £425
Lower legs, underarms, Brazilian £300
Back of things £80
Full legs, bikini and underarms £370
Full legs, Brazilian and underarms £380
Full legs, Brazilian peri-anal/FP and underarms £420
Upper legs & bikini £260
Upper legs, Brazilian / Full pubic £310
Full Body / excluding face £950
Full legs , underarms, full arms, bikini and full legs £620
1 area £60
2 areas £90
3 areas £110
4 areas £130
Full beard £150
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what you should know


We recommend on average 6 sessions for good results and 8 session for excellent results.

No clinic will guarantee whether all the hair will be gone forever. A top-up session may be required after 1 to 2 years depends on your genetic make up.

There is no pain, even during bikini line treatments. Dual beam technology allows for reduced heat level during treatment. The laser is also equipped with the additional purpose designed powerful cooling system which further reduces discomfort. No other laser offers this level of comfort on the market.

This depends on the area due to be treated. A full body can be handled in as little as 1 hour! Yes, this is not a mistake, most of the time even less. Smaller areas are typically done within up to 15 mins.

What our clients say about laser hair removal

    5 star review  Chanah is an exceptional professional!! She is always very careful with me and it is always a pleasure for me to be treated by her. I have the best time when I come to the clinic and her flexibility with my crazy schedule is out of this world. I would definitely recommend (and I have already done a number of times) Botaniqua to family and friends!

    thumb Michely Almeida

    5 star review  Best Treatments! Painless, very quick and what's more not only for women 😉 I'm very happy that i find out a Botaniqua Clinic !

    thumb Daniel Wierzchowski

    5 star review  Chanah has a great personal approach to every client! I've been doing icoon with her for just over a month and already went down one size! And my skin looks so much better now. Highly recommend

    thumb Maria Vereschak