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Icoone Body Shaping and Skin Rejuvenation

Body Shaping & Skin Rejuvination with Icoone®

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Effective body contouring and cellulite reduction - it's possible! Icoone is a revolutionary way of modeling and rejuvenating the skin

Fat reduction

Icoone works great in areas with deep localized fat, where ordinary diet and exercise do not bring results.

Face lifting

If you have crow's feet, double chin, wrinkles, swollen eyelids, dark circles and bags under the eyes. Icoone will help you.

All of Icoone treatments are minimally invasive, thanks to which they do not require a recovery period for quick effects. The platform allows you to effectively compensate for the most popular skin defects.

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How Botaniqua and Iconn® can change your life

Promote lymphatic drainage

Improve blood flow

Boost collagen and elastin production

Reduce edema

Relieve pain and inflammation

Reduce toxin level

Reduce Lyposuction healing time

Reduce post-surgery recovery times

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Normalise cells functions

Improve skin quality and body contouring

Relieve muscle tension

Invigorate lymphatic drainage

Reduce swelling of legs

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How Iconn® works?

A set of rollers equipped with a suction pull the skin closely and firmly delivering intensive high precision massage. Our equipment is of a medical grade and it has been designed to support a pre and post op recovery where required.

The treatment is applied by a trained practitioner.  Individual needs are identified and addressed using inhouse developed advanced massage techniques combined with pre-programmed modules. The massage is superior to a manual treatment delivering precise and accurate application each time.

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This revolutionary technology offers a safe and pleasant new approach to aesthetic treatments. icoone® is able to lift, massage and stimulate the connective tissue, reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, draining the excess liquids and firming the skin. icoone® is also ideal for the treatment of face, neck and cleavage, outline of face, eyes and lips, expression lines and deep wrinkles.

Frequency: twice a week
Duration of treatment: 15 sessions
Result: – 3,8 cm average circumference loss

Frequency: twice a week
Duration of treatment: 5 sessions
Results: Visible firmer skin
Visible stretch marks improvement

Frequency: every day
Duration of treatment: 8 sessions
Result: - 2 cm on the back – 1,9 cm average circumference loss

Frequency: every day
Duration of treatment: 5 sessions
Results: Visible wrinkles reduction on the neck
Visible improvement of skin tone

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Body Shaping & Skin Rejuvination


Icoone® is a procedure which delivers spectacular results for cellulite or localized fat deposits reduction. It is successfully used for body contouring, wrinkles, furrows or face modeling. It is also very effective in the reduction of pores, improving skin tone, facial skin lifts or double chin reductions.

A powerful, mechanical lymph drainage massage works on each millimeter of the face, neck or body. Icoone’s micro-alveolar stimulation has an intense action on fibroblasts with a consequent reactivation of elastin and collagen production and it is highly effective in restructuring connective tissue and reducing wrinkles and loose skin.

The draining action and the increase of microcirculation blood flow, oxygenates and nourishes the skin, keeping it toned and glowing.

What our clients say?

    review rating 5  Effective treatments carried out by the personable, skilful and experienced staff. Highly recommended.

    thumb Abigail Stuart-Menteth

    review rating 5  Botaniqua it is a lifestyle change! I came to visit the clinic with acne and skin related issues. The results were visible already after the first treatments. I have been provided advice allowing me to maintain it after the course of treatments was completed. Chanah is professional and very knowledgeable. The treatments are delivered in clean and sterile conditions. The atmosphere in is great 🙂 I highly recommend them!

    thumb Sebastian Zdrzalik

    review rating 5  Chanah is an exceptional professional!! She is always very careful with me and it is always a pleasure for me to be treated by her. I have the best time when I come to the clinic and her flexibility with my crazy schedule is out of this world. I would definitely recommend (and I have already done a number of times) Botaniqua to family and friends!

    thumb Michely Almeida

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Single sessions

Icoon treatment

Body single seassion

Body treatment

45 minutes / 2 focused areas

Face single seassion

Face treatment

40-minute session

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Speciall ofer - complete solution

Full Icoon body treatment

Full treatment - 8 sessions

Full body treatment

Now £1240* 
8 sessions, 45 minutes each / 2 focused areas

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