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Is sugar good for you?

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Chanah Chalska

Based on the articles recommended by Stanford University Health & Medicine, I conclude that the excessive consumption of sugar is toxic for our body. 

The excessive amount of fructose in a diet forces the liver to convert glycogen into fat causing liver steatosis after prolonged periods. Which further results in the impairment of liver function affecting the malfunctioning of a hormone called insulin and resulting in insulin resistance. Excessive sugars in food affect the structure of DNA in structure of cells called mitochondria causing changes in the function of a given cell. 

Frequent consumption of highly refined products, a diet rich in simple sugars, insufficient amount of raw vegetables are some of the most important factors affecting the change in the structure of the intestinal mucosa and the development of pathogenic intestinal microflora resulting in a negative impact on the functioning of the whole body.

Sugar in food? Almost everywhere!

Today sugar is found in almost every available form of food, and the food industry is not interested in limiting its amount in produced food. At the same time most of the consumers are uninformed about the role of fats and sugars in our diet. Today’s societies do not know how and what to eat, if you want to be healthy, how to read labels on food products and what nutrition standards really mean. Because of that they are unable to control sugar in the diet.

Limiting sugars in the diet definitely improves our body functioning and has a positive effect on our digestive, nervous and immune systems. For our bodies to function more efficiently and if we would like to feel better mentally and physically, the reduction of sugars is not enough. Apart from sugar reduction in our food we will need balance diet and physical exercises.

It is very difficult to clearly determine whether only sugar is responsible for the development of Type 2 Diabetes, but we definitely know that sugar in very high doses is toxic for our body and that is why we should limit consumption sugar in our diet.   

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